Game Information Rainbow Keno

Rainbow Keno

Rainbow Keno Get ready for a lucky streak in this keno game! Dive into the pot of gold with Klaudia the friendly leprechaun and win colorful prizes! Match 3 Lucky Numbers to slide down the Rainboways Bonus, multiplying your total bet by up to 15,500x! Discover what's over the rainbow in our 100th game!

Cross that rainbow and get your pot of gold!
Rainbow Keno

How to play Rainbow Keno

Click on the card number to choose how many numbers you want to play per draw. You can select from 3 to 10 numbers. You can pick your own numbers from 1 to 80, or if you can't decide, press FAST PICK to have numbers picked at random for you. You will see the corresponding prize amounts based on how many numbers you have.

Press the CLEAR button to reset the game. Increase or decrease your bet by clicking next to the TOTAL BET label.
Click the MAX BET button to quickly select the MAX bet available for this game.
After choosing your numbers, press the PLAY button to start the game.
20 balls will be drawn out of the 80 possible. The card will automatically have the chosen numbers highlighted in violet.
The card will automatically have the draw numbers highlighted in brown.
The card will automatically have the corresponding numbers highlighted in green.
Each round, 3 numbers are randomly sorted as Lucky Numbers. If the drawn balls match all of the Lucky Numbers, the RAINBOWAYS Bonus begins.
RAINBOWAYS is a rainbow bonus where you choose a color to slide; this choice cannot be changed during the bonus game. As Klaudia glides along her chosen path, she collects multipliers, which will award you with a prize of your multiplied total bet.

The malfunction voids the plays and your winnings.

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